GPS tracker

GPS tracker

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Features: tracking device 

1. Long Standby Time: It has built-in 3.7V 10000mAh Li-ion battery, can standby up to 120 days.
2. Powerful Magnetic: It has 6pcs built-in magnets, with super strong powerful magnetic, can be very easily installed.
3. Remotely Voice Monitor: Send "Monitor+Password" to the device first, then the device will turn into monitor mode, now if you make the call to the SIM number in the device, it will pick up your call automatically and you will monitor the voice around the device!
4. Overspeed Alarm: This alarm works only under continuous positioning mode.When the unit speed exceeds the speed you preset, it will send message “speed alarm!” to the admin number every 5 minutes.
5. Shake Alarm: After you did the shake alarm setting, please keep the tracker being stationary for 5 minutes, then this function will start working. It will send SMS “sensor alarm!” to the admin number when the unit gets shocked.
6. Sleep Mode:
* Sleep by time mode: After did this setting, the tracker will only work for 5 minutes after being waked up, and back to sleep mode, GPS will shut off and GSM will work in low consumption mode. SMS, a call will wake up the tracker.
* Sleep by shock sensor mode: After did this setting, if no shock for 5 minutes, the tracker will work under "sleep by shock" mode, GPS will shut off, GSM will work in low consumption. Vibration, SMS, a call will wake up the tracker.
7. History Route Playback: You can track the historic route of the device up to 6 months via both the web platform and APP!
8. Loosing Alarm
There is anti-removal induction sensor on the back of the device. if this covered induction sensor is not covered will send "Losing alarms!" to admin number and SOS number by   tracker

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